The Slab

The journey to the slab was pretty smooth and everything has been going well so far.. the concrete slab was done in 2 stages and was completed 28/8/13... Now we wait for the frame.. 

Site Cut + Temp Fence

The action has officially started with the block getting excavated on the 12th of August and Temp fencing going in on 14th Aug... Great to finally see some progress after many long months of neverending paperwork and selections.. 

CDC Approval + Pegout

We received CDC Approval on 19th July and were pegged out on 30th July 2013.

We also received Construction Plans for signing and Validation Documents to get this show on the road...

Kitchen + Butlers Pantry

Here is an image of our kitchen and butlers pantry drawn up by Masterton. 


Here are some of our selections made at our colours appointment on July 1st at Masterton HQ... 

Was a very fun day and can't wait to see it all come together...

Our Block

Just giving our block of land a haircut and keeping it looking nice and trim...

Our Block of Land

Final Plans

Here is a picture of our floor plan, The Overture. Which has been split and modified to suit our needs.

Our House